Rivers Are Alive
K-12 Environmental Education


Get Outside. Collect Bugs. Do Science.

Explore Your River National Park

The Rivers Are Alive K-12 environmental education program is a partnership of the St. Croix River Association and St. Croix National Scenic Riverway, a unit of the National Park System. Rivers Are Alive is a whole school model connecting students of all ages in a learning progression that offers dynamic, standards-aligned, student-centered science activities. We believe in the benefits of reconnecting with students at each grade level to provide a holistic approach to watershed education throughout their career so that Rivers are always alive and present in their learning.

2020 St. Croix Youth Summit



Gather. Learn. Discuss. Do.

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At the River

Field trips to the St. Croix and Namekagon rivers

On the River

Field trips on the St. Croix and Namekagon rivers

In the Classroom

Let us bring the river to you!

The BIG IDEAS behind Rivers Are Alive:

  • Rivers Are Alive

    (Grades K - 2)

  • Rivers Connect Us

    (Grades 3 – 5)

  • We Need Healthy Rivers

    (Grades 6 - 8)

  • We Are River Responsible

    (Grades 9 - 12)

Throughout their school career, students will:

  • Explore how their communities are connected to rivers;
  • Identify and explain their connection to these rivers;
  • Define what a watershed is and discover their place in the watershed;
  • Comprehend and explain the importance of protecting rivers;
  • Describe the richness and diversity of animal life under the surface of the rivers;
  • Discuss the variety of adaptations that aquatic animals have that help them to survive in a river environment;
  • Become scientists, do science and share ways that scientists study the rivers;
  • Explore the terrestrial resources of the national park and demonstrate how forests contribute to water quality;
  • Discover and describe how people have changed the rivers and how the rivers have impacted local culture;
  • Learn about and list threats to the river and understand the implications of these threats; and
  • Participate in service and stewardship projects.

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For questions or more information contact Nicole Biagi or call 715-483-3300